Pandit Ji in New Jersey, USA coducts Mool Shanti Puja to remove the negative effects of the person’s moon position in Ashlesha, Aswini, Moola, Magha, Revati, and Jyeshtha. Choose our Mool Shanti Puja for limiting Gand Mool Dosh, which is an imperfection that is found in, no less than each fourth or fifth individual’s natal graph. Mool Shanti Puja done by Pandit Ji in NJ, USA is very powerful in conciliating the God controlling the Mool Nakshatra. This puja will decrease all the evil impacts of the Nakshatra, which will be very helpful for you as negative Effects of Mool Nakshtra can be very malevolent as it might make distinctive wellbeing and state of mind issues in adolescence, and some of the time kin may face such medical problems.

  • The Mool Shanti Puja benefits the human being in the enhancement of character and brings the positive feelings by reducing all kinds of ill effects of the Nakshatra
  • Choose us to conduct Mool Shanti Puja that resolves all the physical condition related issues and helps individuals live prosperous life
  • Mool Shanti puja removes the danger to near and dear ones due to birth at inauspicious time